Google aims to make “search more secure” with SSL Search

Author:  Mike Hagley

In an announcement that has sent the SEO industry into a spin this week, Google has said that it is making a vital change to its search engine which will be rolled out over the next few weeks.  Users logged into Google services (+1, Gmail, YouTube, AdWords, Analytics etc) who conduct a search on, will soon be using a secure (SSL) version of the popular search engine.  Google says it is aiming to improve the privacy of its signed-in users, yet it has industry professionals wondering if there are more sinister motives for the change.

Ultimately, this change means web analysts, webmasters and SEOs alike, will be unable to view the search queries used on the new secure version of (, for those users who click on an organic search listing.  The catch is that customers of their paid search product, AdWords, will still be able to view search query data within Google Analytics (and similar applications), for those visitors who clicked on a Google ad.

Google has estimated that this change will only affect a single-digit percentage of all queries on, and at this stage SSL Search will not affect queries on Google Australia.

Read the official Google blogs:

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